There are a lot of shopping bags,today i would like to recommend our cooler bags.

    What is cooler bags?

   Cooler bags is a type of thermally insulated shipping container in the form of a bag which can be carried, usually made of thermally insulating materials and sometimes a refrigerant gel. It is used to help maintain the temperature of its contents, keeping cold items cold, and hot items hot.

    Insulated bags have been in use for many years in industry, medical/pharmaceutical use, food delivery, lunch bags, etc. Several designs have been available.     

      Cooler bags are soft-side portable coolers used for the storage of a variety of goods. They are highly durable and hence, suitable for outdoor usage. High wear and tear strength, coupled with good impact resistance, makes cooler bags the preferred choice among end-users. Perishable food products including meat & poultry, cheese and other dairy products need to be kept cold during transit and cooler bags are extensively used for the storage and transport of such goods.


      Thermal bags are usually manufactured with varying quantities of the following materials:

      PET film (biaxially oriented) (Mylar, etc.)







     gel packs

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